• I dance and therefore I am

  • About Me

    I am a Dharma Expert ( Jyotish Astrologer ), DJ , Yogin, Traveler and Explorer.


    And explorer might be last one , but not the least thing about me. All my life is exploration of various places, countries , cultures, religions. I study psychology, social psychology , mythology ( eastern & western ) and astrologyI explore various disciplines of knowledge, such as - philosophy, various schools of psychology, and various approach to spiritual knowledge : Buddhism, Hinduism and Vedic Knowledge.


    I study and practice Kriya Yoga , but explore different styles of yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. My Teachers are Pavel Opronenko and Inna Goncharenko, who are the pupils of Shailendra Sharma. My Jyotish Astrology Teacher is Kali Shankar. I am not religious person, as yogin I search for balance - where science and our intuition and vision intersects.


    Music is something what is with me all life long. It’s something that helped me to overcome the most difficult moments of my life. Music is something that makes me euphoric. And this exploration never ends.


    Music connects me to people, and I love to share my emotions and vibe through the music. But the most important exploration - is exploration of people , their back-ground, their intents and dreams. I adore then people are burning with their dreams.

    My music ignites this fire, my astrology is a practical tool for realization of this dreams.

  • Values

    ☿♀♂ Symbiosis of technology and nature

    ♀ Aesthetic
    ☾☉ Sharing Inspiration


    ♃ Constant Exploration of Ourselves and Life , sharing this knowledge


    ☾ ☊ Tribe


    ♂ Our body is a Temple, vessel for our mind.


  • Vision


    • Our Mother Earth is a giant Cosmic Vessel , which carries us through a infinite space.  She provides us with everything -  air, food, water.   And at the same time technological progress gives us the best benefits ( new digital creative professions ) , and the worst problems. ( total control and digital Gulag).   So it depends on us - what we choose and how we use them. 
    • I see Beauty and I apply all my efforts so that Beauty can manifest itself.
    • As a musician I see that Digital Revolution gives infinite potential for creation - such as musical styles, software, new instruments and hardware.
    • As a astrologer my life is a constant statistical research , which would benefit in future science development.  


    • Developing our body is a direct tool for elaboration of traumas and blocks. Beyond that strong physical body «digests» any stress on the way to realization.  "Kalokagathos" - Mind of the philosopher , body of the athlete and soul of the poet. 

  • Mission

    • Sharing Purpose.
    • Development of practical knowledge for realization of human potential. Symbiosis of various disciplines , finding correlation in various disciplines and practices. 
    • Introduction of new concept of recreation,  working through stress and depression on all levels of Human Being. 
    • Create the inclusive society, which values every life on Earth.  Stop genociding other living creatures on Earth.  Create cities based on latest knowledge of urbanism, renewable energy, blockchain. Cities where technology are serving people, but not vice-versa. Cities where animals have rights and can be citizens alongside the people. Green cities where culture and art comes first.  

  • Let's work together

    Don't be afraid to reach out. Together we can create something unique

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