Ecstatic Dance + Yin Yoga

Ecstasy. It was once considered a favor of the gods, a divine gift that could lift mortals out of ordinary reality and into the higher world. The transformative fire of ecstasy would burn away the barriers between ourselves and our souls, bestowing on us a greater understanding of our relation to ourselves and to universe.




Ecstasy - the Dionsysian experience - may be intelectually unfamiliar. But in ecstatic expression we will recognize a long-forgotten part of ourselves that makes us truly alive and connects us with every living thing. In Greek myth that part of ourselves is represendted by Dionysus.



It is the great tragedy of contemporary Western society that we have virtually lost the ability to experience the transformative power of ecstasy and joy. This loss affects every aspect of our lives. We seek ecstasy everywhere , and for a moment we may think we have found it. But ,on a very deep level, we remain unfulfilled.

(c) "Ecstasy" Robert A.Johnson - Understanding Psychology of Joy






Ecstatic Dance is a freeform movement journey, held in a safe and sacred container, & facilitated by a professional DJ

The best stretching is done then the muscles are warmed up and the mind is tired off physical exercises to allow stillness in one posture for at least 60 seconds.

Yin Yoga is a practice of passive stretch. You may hold (without making any effort) one asana for at least 5 minutes or more.

Ecstatic Dance is a great warm up and work out for our body at the same time. After dance and euphoria body tends to chill and relax. However Yin Yoga is considered normally as a cold practice,but I really love nice and long stretches after the great dance, You don't have to take any active action at all - grab a pillow and passively relax. And we can go as far deep, as nice chill and meditative journey from here untill total relaxation or even Yoga Nidra.

Dance practice can lead to a high joy mental state , helps to work-out tensions in muscles

Yin - Yoga leads to very deep relaxation , both mind and body.

Our Body is vessel for our Mind, during this practice you might discover many insights, but of course every journey is individual and unique experience. All unmanifested emotions are stored in our body, so through movements(or through deep yin relaxation) you may expierience a lot of emotional release. My task as facilitator is too make it as smooth and safe as possible. I believe that music and dance is healing practice, and I take it very seriously. Every journey is planned on indvidual basis and has its own personality.



Our body is tremendously complex and wise structure. It was formed and evolved well before our brain and what we call our consciousness appeared. So there are a lot of insights awaits you on this inner journey through movements and stillness.


Drop the prejudice and enjoy the Sound and Dance Journey.