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Part 1


What are the differences between Jyotish and Western Astrology?


The most simple version of Western Astrology is journal astrology - to which we are used to.

This type of astrology is lasted for centuries in our culture and exists even today. Whereas its statistically proven that is doesn’t work at all. But people continue to believe. Why?

Culture , traditions , selective perception and confirmation bias, longing for something mystical , unwillingness to take responsibility for own life, search for excuses in astrology and so on.

The most typical question , which is familiar to us all is:

«What is your zodiac sign ?»

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And answer to this question will reveal the position of your Sun in some constellation.

But this information actually gives nothing becuase -

huge amount of people people were born when Sun was let’s say in Taurus , and if having this initial data we interview 100 people, we will find out that this people are barely have something in common.

The second point is that Sun will be located in particular house , and will rule another house and also has it’s own ruler and so on. All this factors we have to consider, which are not considered in journal astrology.

Another factor - the most fundamental one - and its the main difference between Jyotish (or Vedic Astrology) and Western Astrology.

The Zodiac Sign in Western Astrology is not a constellation which we can see in Telescope. At the present time the difference between The Zodiac Sign used by Western Astrology and actual constellation is 24 degrees. The whole constellation is 30 degrees ( 360 / 12 ). So when you say that you are Taurus - you Sun is actually located in Aries…

This you can easily check just by looking at the sky or use some astronomical app.

So the Zodiac Sign has nothing in common with Zodiac Constellation , except the name - and this is basic and fundamental difference between most Asian and Western reference frames.



So what is Jyotish about ?



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Astrology what I study and practice is Jyotish Astrology of Kali Shankar. This is Jyotish (or Vedic Astrology ) reformatted for use in our modern time , based on Vedas themselves and scientific and statistical approach.

The main point of astrology of Kali Shankar , however simple ,but required additional explanation :

  • Astrology is NOT for forecasting

So what for we can use astrology …?

- For many things actually , but…

  • The main application of astrology for the present moment is finding the Purpose of a Human Being.


What is Purpose ?


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In Sanskrit and Vedas - the name of this term is Dharma. 


The closest term in English would be the «Purpose» or «Life-Mission»

And what does it mean in terms of Astrology ?

The answer might be very simple , but requires very detailed explanation.

The first pioneer from science , hero and genius, who dared to challenge both worlds of science and astrology was Michel Gauquelin. Statistician by profession he wanted to prove the world that astrology is complete delusion and doesn’t work, but he have found something different.

His famous research « Mars Effect» was showing that very hight amount of Professional and Realized Athletes were having Mars either rising ( in Ascendent ) or in zenith ( 10th House ).


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And the words « professional and realized» are very important here. Because of this words his work, to which he dedicated his whole life, were not accepted by scientific society and unfortunately Gauquelin has killed himself.

In his work « Scientific approach to astrology» where Gauquelin combines his own research with discoveries of other scientists , like Picardi, Tacata , Chizhevsky and others he says that:

«Natal Chart is sectional drawing of our genetics, showing our potential and areas of application of this potential.»

Meaning if you have Mars is Ascendant , you might be a good sportsman / athlete.

But ! What does normal astrologer would say ? If you have Mars in ascendant you WILL be a good sportsman. And statistic showing that of course not. Why? Because our Our Lord himself ( or Universe ) gave as a Free Will to f$ck up everything we want, and doesn’t matter at all what natal chart we have.

So what Gauquelin was trying to say, that the Astrology is not for forecasting, but for exploring our genetic potential. ( simply speaking).



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Another thing which always stands on the way to our purpose - are the circumstances.

And I will put the definition of Purpose like this:

Purpose means knowing about your Dharma (Life-Mission) and making Choice in favor of it every single moment.

By Choice I mean :

  • Not to bend under weight of circumstances, whatsoever tough they might be
  • Understanding that choice is always a fork - means you always have to give up something then you are making choice
  • Not to procrastinate, because you spend your energy for something useless , instead for your Purpose.

So only knowing about your Purpose and making a Choice to walk this Path are slightly different categories.



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Also one important point which requires an explanation that Purpose and Profesion are not the same things. In our society of Modernity , formulated by John Locke and Thomas Hobbes in 16th century , we used to think that Profession it is the Purpose. In concept of Modernity - the human being is white paper, on which you can draw whatever you like. Means this concept totally refuse uniqueness of human being and thus The Purpose.

But the Purpose is the abstract category , which may be realized through specific profession or may be not. Sometimes we can’t clearly distinguish the profession of the native, or sometimes we have to invent new profession, sometimes we have to work on the edge of the various profession. The latest couldn’t be imagined by our parents , for example, because change of professional was something strongly condemned just 20-30 ago.

And not only in philosophy ,but in terms of astrology The Purpose and the profession are divided as well. Dharma , our Life-Mission is represented by 1st House , and our Profession is represented by the 10th House.


Purpose is your unique contribution into the mosaic of the Creation.


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Another brave man and genius of our time , who combined the work of Gauquelin and scientific approach to astrology, introduced psychoanalysis and restored knowledge of Vedas and adapted Jyotish for use in our modern times is Kali Shankar.

The main goal of Jyotish Astrology of Kali Shankar is finding the Purpose of the Human Being.

In Vedic Mythology the protector of Dharma is one of major deities , called Vishnu.

Vishnu represents The Being itself.

One of my favorite affirmations is « Dharma protects»

Meaning if we fulfill our Dharma , we are fulfilling the plan of Creation ( Universe or God )


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And if we are in sync with it, than Universe itself , God himself protects us from the enemies of Creation. Meaning that if Universe itself protects me, that everything is possible.

So the terms Vishnu ( The Being) , Dharma and « I am fulfilling the Purpose» are actually the same.

And opposite affirmation to that is

Adharma Will Cost You (as my Teacher - Kali Shankar always says)



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Adharma Will Cost You. (C) Kali Shankar

So what does it mean ?

If we divide roughly , the one who follows his/her Dharma has harmonic life and everybody love this person and , and the one who live through Adharma has a tragic destiny.

Dramatic life would be somewhere in between.

Why it’s happening?

Because the worst sin possible - is to run from your nature.

One who runs from his/her nature hates himself , hates the world and the world gives it back.

Eventually the one who accepted own nature, loves thyself , loves the world, and world gives back to this person fame, money, power and finally love.

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Dharma is coming upon us in two different ways. First one is interest ( to one , who lives harmonic life ) , second one is fear ( to one who lives tragic life)

Either you feel so much interested in something, that you literally cant stop doing this, despite any circumstances - normally those people have high level of evolutionary development.

Or you feel fear about something, sometimes unbearable and existential fear. This normally tells about the area, where is your dharma is hidden, and about low-level of evolutionary development of personality with few exceptions.*

  • Area of Rahu. Rahu is lunar node, who shows area of your fear and complexes, which may take a life-time to work-out.
  • Damaged Moon - person is predisposed to fears and phobias
  • Any trauma or violence experience.


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If we deviate too much from our nature and our Dharma , really tragical things may happen. Decease , losses, traumas , even death. Especially in times like ours, when Saturn ( The Lord of Dharma) dwelling in his own sign of Capricorn , where he gets his full power.

So if you deviate too much, Saturn gives you a great challenge , which drastically may change your life in 180 degrees.

That is why Saturn is called great teacher.

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Full cycle of Saturn takes 30 years. So every 30 years he comes and watches how everybody doing with his/her Dharma.

Another way , then this may happen- Transit of Saturn , called Sade-Sati.

For more infro about Sade-Sati:



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Fear is one the first enemies of the «Man of Knowledge» (c) Don Juan

For example, I have active 11th House in my natal chart, because 2 grahas are located there - Sun and Jupiter in sign of Cancer. Cancer is tenement of Moon, thus my 11th House is under rule of the Moon. If we connect all this togeher, we can find out that my ambitions ( Sun ) and my emotions and state of happiness (Moon) are connected with 11th House.

11th House represents Fame, Surpluses and Positioning in society.

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First thoughts about fame , performing or speaking in front of group of people evoked grand feeling of fear, sweating , tremor inside of me.

Because If I make something wrong - my ego ( Sun ) will be hurt. Also so I as Moon connected , I am feeling nervous, worried etc about performing ( Moon is responsible for emotions )

Opposite side of this , people with position like my, if doing something , they doing it perfectly.

Then , eventually when time passes, and we continue our evolutional development and overcome fear, anxiety , social programs then our sub-personalities start to give benefits to us.

But collective consciousness of society is much more primitive , than any individual taken. It has it’s own primitive goals, and it wants that everybody follows that goals, and function as one well built mechanism. It is not good , and it is not bad.

On my example, give away emotions to people, play music for them , seeing them dancing - fills me with happiness and satisfaction. And thus, my Moon and my Sun are satisfied.


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Another thing which may stay on the way of your individual Dharma is society. But again, with few exceptions here.

Society is NOT our enemy. Because as Homo sapiens we are social being. We can’t survive and develop without society. It is just characteristic of our kind.

But collective consciousness of society is much more primitive , than any individual taken. It has it’s own primitive goals, and it want that everybody follows that goals, and function as one well built mechanism. It is not good , and it is not bad.

But! It likes standardization, and it wants bring everyone to the same level, which as I told before contradicts the individual purpose. Individual purpose is something that very hard to measure and to confine.


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Society is utilizing your potential , substituting your goals for goals of society. Part of your sub-personalities may feel satisfied ,and you may keep going.


Positive thing here , that we as social being influence each other, so fulfilling our dharma we influence people around us, revealing divine potential inside them. Thus we raise the level of collective consciousness , which agian influence back to us.


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Sub- personalities


Another definition of the Purpose , but from technical view of the dharma expert.


So as Kali Shankar have introduced the psychoanalysis to astrology - we can identify our sub-personalities using natal-chart as a tool. And the task of dharma expert is to mix them into one personality by giving them same goal.

If Freud discovered Psychology , then Kali Shankar discovered the Astrology.

Idea of psychology can be traced back to Hinduism mythology and Vedic Knowledge. But it was unknown for western society.

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Freud was a pioneer who noticed certain patterns, named it in terms accessible for western mind and introduced statistical and scientific approach to something called our psyche and eventually we know it as a science called Psychology.


(It is not a science actually - because of the fluidity of the subject of our study - which is our "Mind and Personality"- we always have to change the approach; you may know that we have different branches like geshtalt , positive psychology, existential psychology, jungian , freudist and so on)


The Vedic Knowledge of Astrology have existed for a long time - but I will quote Michel Gauquelin 50 years ago : “ The Astrology is waiting for it’s pionneer , like Galileo Galilei was a pioneer for astronomy. The knowledge about the planets and space have existed in times of Galileo, but he was the first one who have notices the truly relations. How are planets related in our Solar System.

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Kali Shankar is the first one who interpreted the Vedic Knowledge in terms of scientific knowledge what we have today - statistic and statistical analysis, sociology, psychology and psychoanalysis , political science, theology , philosophy ( eastern and western) , eastern and western mythology, biology, genetics.


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Astrology is anthropological science actually

Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity, concerned with human behaviour, human biology, cultures, societies and linguistic, in both the present and past, including past human species. ( Wiki)

So astrology is based on our knowledge about the world 🌎 and our knowledge about us humans 👽 ( mind , personality , biology , genetics)

And what Kali Shankar is trying to say to us -

Astrology is a science (not static knowledge) , which must be developed constantly over time with increase of our knowledge base.

You can imagine it as a open-source code 👩‍💻 where everybody may introduce the upgrades.

For example, If you like Freud have discovered revolutionary knowledge what may change the world or our perception of Personality - we may introduce it in Jyotish Astrology as well and our perception of Purpose may change.

Cool isn’t it ? 👁 ⚛️🌀

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The main thought I share here - that Astrology is NOT for forecasting , and it is NOT for finding excuses in planets and so on.

The astrology is the tool to find the way of realization of our genetic potential.

But now a little off-top about the science and how it works:

Scientificall approach presumes understanding of such terms as hypothesis and a theory.

Hypotheis is an assumption, based on some data , which requires to be proved by experiments or other tests.

Theory is something that is already proven, with some results of probability. But ! Every theory ( math, physics , any… ) is based on at least one axiom. Meaning that at least something we take for granted - believe. ( Read - Gödel's Incompleteness theorems )

Meaning if we change the initial data, so the theorem may change as well.

We refer to science as something static, but it is not.

Our knowledge about the world and about ourselves are constantly developed, so as the science and astrology. Every science must be improved with income of new information.



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Moksha is a term in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism which is translated how « Liberation»

But as any Sanskrit word it has many meaning, and can be interpreted in many ways.

Also Moksha is associated with «Death» as a final liberation from all material sufferings, but I want to focus on the categories available for comprehension, since no one has yet returned from the other world.

In psychology evolutional growth is considered as a death of previous personality.

The same though we can see in a « Bardo Thodol» - The Tibetian Book of the Dead» - What is meant by «Death» is death of ego , and unification with the Spirit or Higher-Self.

So the ancient psychologists - Rishis ,The Composers of Vedas - also included this concept in natal chart. So as every 4th house ( 4th, 8th , 12th) is the House of Moksha representing the spiral of the evolutionional growth. The 8th and 12th houses are also known as Dusthana , or the the Houses of Loss, symbolizing that each level of evolution requires to give-up something (if not all) that no longer serves the purpose.


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